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Muang Sing Climate and Terrain
Muang Sing District is located in Luang Namtha’s far northwest bordering Myanmar and China’s Yunnan province with historic Muang Sing Town as its administrative and economic centre.

Muang Sing Weather
Muang Sing Weather by Weather Underground

Muang Sing lies on a plain at about 600m elevation, which means that the temperatures do not rise as high as in lowland areas, the maximum being around 33 degrees. The months of April to June are the hottest during the year.

Starting in May there are the first rain showers, announcing the rainy season, which will last until late September. During this time there usually are daily heavy rain showers followed by some sunshine, creating a very humid climate. It is rare to have whole days of rain. It is possible to go on The Akha Trek during this time, you should however be aware that you might get completely soaked. Another problem is the muddy trails. There is a lot of clay in the soil, causing the mud to stick to your shoes, making your feet very heavy. Just be prepared to go slowly…

The rainy season is followed by the cold season, lasting roughly from October to February. On the plain this means that the temperature drops down to about 8 degrees Celsius at night. The mornings are very foggy and chilly until the sun gets stronger and stronger and makes the fog disappear around lunch time. The afternoons are a perfect 20-25 degrees.

Muang Sing, Laos Weather
Muang Sing Weather by

The villages visited on the trek all nestle in the foothills surrounding Muang Sing plain. This means they are higher in altitude, thus the weather gets colder there. Be prepared with some warm clothes.

The tour as a whole could be categorized as a moderately difficult trek. On the first day the trail does go up and down quite a bit, starting at  900 m altitude, going up to almost 1400 m and ending the evening at around 850 m. Most of the day is spend in the forest, shading you from the heat of the day.

The second and third day are walking close to the plain through some fields. Here you need good sun protection.
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